TN5250 Lite App Reviews

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Even better

Battery sharing with Linea Pro scanner. Woohoo!


Easy to set up and works great!

Great Full Featured App!

This app delivers as promised bringing the full functionality of the AS400 terminal application to iOS. I use it to access an ICOMS billing system running on an AS400 server and it works flawlessly. At the time of this review the paid version of this app is $29.99 which adds additional keyboard functionality. I would easily pay between $1 and $5 just to give the dev kudos (even if I didn't use the extra keyboard) but it would take a significant amount of additional useful features for me to spend $30 for an app, and even then it would be tough to justify as there are very few apps of this nature in that price point. 😉 Great app!!

Great app

Very helpful app for people who work on AS400. This app even has an option to scan the barcodes through the camera and take that as an input. Excellent!!


No page up, page down, or F keys.... This is worthless

No Page up/down capabilities

No option for Page Up or Down keys (since there are none on the iOS keyboard) renders it almost useless with my server. Bummer.

Works perfectly

Had my company's iT guy set it up and it does everything its supposed to. I love the camera being used as a barcode scanner. Since this is the lite version you are missing keys, which i need those keys to do 85% of the programs on my system. So I will be buying the full version soon

Function keys

It's a fine program until you need an F2 key

Works great

Gets the job done!

Where is the Page/Down....???

I got crazy looking for page Down/Up...... And nothing...!!!! $30 is way too much......


It's Mocha on-the-go it's a lifesaver. The trial is a bit handicap, because Mocha's normal trials are 30 day "fuller" versions but the app store doesn't allow time-based demos. $30 is their normal "handheld" price for all the other platforms, less Apple's cut. This thing is worth it's money the first time you get called for support while shopping for groceries, or at 2am. Command line + phone = hours of saved time.

Crazy price

Works great for what I very occasionally need, though this lite version lacks function keys and (more importantly) page-down/page-up. I'd pay $10 to have that convenience, but $30 for an app I'd very rarely use is too much to swallow.

It Works

Testing the lite version - it works just fine. I do not have a problem with having to pay for the full product - thats the way it should be. My only gripe is the layout - an option to shrink the screen and have the keyboard appear would be nice, but I suppose there is no issue with an external keyboard. Overall this is a much welcome product and I will be buying the full version for all of our iPads.

Good App

Free version works great for me. Would like a page down button, but my use of our 400 is so minimal that I am usually able to get to the correct page using a command prompt. Definately a must have for varying devices on and off remotely from anywhere!

Emulation flawless/interface nightmare

The 5250 emulation for this app works perfectly and is very responsive. The user interface on the other hand is a clumsy and lazy port from the iPhone edition. Hopefully the developer is working on custom keyboard layouts that conform with standard iPad interface design principles. Bottom line: If you need a 5250 telnet client on your iPad this is your only choice and is functional. I however will wait until the interface is fixed or another choice is available.

Lite Version Useless

The lite version completely useless. There aren't enough keys so you can navigate to test the product out. Also $29 it ridiculously high for this program. This is a $9.99 program at most.

Good but can be better

This is a good start, or could be documented better. If the function for the page down button exists, I have not been able to find it yet. On the iPhone version, there was a page down, I am not sure why they felt it would be a good idea to remove it, the people at IBM were not exactly thinking about multi-touch when they developed as/400.

Worth it!!!

Really nice and smooth app for the AS400

Useless without page up/page down keys

Don't bother the lite version. It is useless without the page keys.

Very good

This app is working very well for me. The only problem I have had (besides missing the extra keyboards that the pay version has for function keys, arrow keys, and text macros, not worth the $30 they are asking right now, same as the Windows version, IMHO) is that the 'enter' key on the keyboard has been replaced with 'done' which simply hides the on-screen keyboard. So after entering text you have to reach to the top of the screen to press the 'enter' button which is inexplicably located there. This makes entering very much text a little tedious, but the app is otherwise quite useful.

Cool but..

I can't seem to find the page up/down keys.

Average at best

No very usable without function keys


I just did a backup and restore thru my iPhone with LaserVault backup and Mochas excellent TN5250 iPhone Aop. look ma, no tape! Mocha does great software and this product is no exception.



Nice But $30.00 For Full Version Is Nuts

To expensive for a system AS400 (system I) terminal emulator.


This app is really helpful for me needing to access as400 while mobile in my distribution center. Interface is slightly difficult but app works great.

Very impressed

I was very suprised to see an application such as this for an iPhone and I figured that even if it was a great idea it wouldn't function well in a cellphone but I have been proven wrong. This application comes in very handy when I'm doing inventory and I'm far from a computer.

Useful and convenient

Makes my life easier in the work enviroment. If im at a meeting and need to know the inventory or component cost, this little app makes my ipod touch much more than just a gadget. It makes it my number one tool.

This is awesome.

I'll be testing this at work tomorrow. We use AS/400 and this will give me an excuse to walk around with my phone out at all times and it may just speed up my work since I won't have to walk from the warehouse to my desk to do entries. I'll report back.


Mocha! Nice job. As usual. Does the Lite version contain the function menu? So far so GREAT!

Excellent, useful app

I use an iSeries at work every day. This app has all the functions available on my desktop, all on my iTouch. This should be very helpful when I'm stuck for hours away from my desk and need financial data.

You guys are awesome!

You always release free lite versions! All your products are great

Nice app - bit odd

Considering i never used the IBM I-series servers, this looks great. I may be wrong but the style seems retro to the point that it reminds me of the good old days when computers ran for decades with no problems. Thanks for a great starter app to any1 who whould like to learn more about server control and usage.

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